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Where do we get the crickets from

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Where do we get the crickets from
Where do we get the crickets from

Another frequently asked question is "Where do we get the crickets from? Are they from the forest?" Here is the answer to this question.

The crickets we use mainly come from two sources (which are definitely not from the forest! ) Protanica farm - a closed system crickets farm with GAP standards, where the team places great emphasis on every step of the crickets raising process, inspecting the quality of water, food, temperature, and cleanliness throughout the raising period. Currently, this crickets farm is still a lab-scale prototype.

Contract farming - crickets sourced from farms that have been certified with GAP standards and are regularly inspected by the Protanica team through supplier audits. . . . #protanica #protein #proteinpowder #foodforfuture #proteindiet #youarehero #edibleinsects #entovegan #cleanproteinpowder #cricketbites #コオロギ #コオロギチップス #食用昆虫 #コオロギタンパク質 #ผงโปรตีนจิ้งหรีด

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