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Protanica interview with NEXT by Nation: Edible insect as future food to feed the next billion.

According to FAO, by 2050, the world will be facing with overpopulation, food scarcity, and limited cultivation areas.

That's why Protanica started our journey to feed the next billion. The Protanica team has studied and compared all aspects of production and utilization of alternative protein sources and quickly come to the conclusion that cricket powder is the most sustainable and environmentally responsible way to feed the world. Crickets, are tiny insect but their benefits are massive to the world as they consumed less natural resources than other livestock farming or plantation, and are far less likely to expose humans to illnesses such as salmonella and mad cow disease.

As we all know, we need enough protein per day. But wouldn't it be better if the protein source does not only contain protein but also Fiber, Calcium, and Vitamin. Cricket protein is that source for you. Minimal but more.

Thank you NEXT by Nation for this interview, for us to share about Cricket protein, the protein to change the world 🦗

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