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How to use Protanica Cricket Protein Powder

Protein is an essential part of our diet. If you are sports man then it is very important to get enough protein per day, so that your muscles can recover fast and get fit for upcoming matches or game. To a person who are not interested in body building then also it is important to get enough protein because it is the BASIC BUILDING BLOG. If you don't have enough protein in diet then you are probably going to have some problem like difficulty in recovery, hair falls, fatigue, and many more.

But how much would be enough though? In this blog, we will be covering how much Protanica Cricket Protein Powder you need for your meals to get the most out of it.

Cricket Powder contains 70% protein and 1 tablespoon of our Protanica cricket protein powder is equivalent to 10g protein.

If you would use Protanica Cricket powder for daily usage; In general, we are required to consume protein …

· 1g : 1 kg of our body’s weight for a non-exercise day. So, for those who weighed 50kg; that person needs at least 50g of protein a day.

· 1.2-1.5g: 1kg of our body’s weight for an exercise day. So, for those who weighed 50kg; that person needs at least 60 – 75g of protein a day.

As above example this person can add 5-7.5 tablespoons a day for having this sustainable protein power.

On the other hand, in case of developing any new product’s creation; we would recommend to add 15-20% of cricket powder in your formula by which you might lower other flour (carb content) instead.

Balance your own meal, balance our own world 😊

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