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Cricket Protein is zero waste.

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Protanica is determined to produce house crickets-based products that are both highly nutritious and environmentally friendly. Our focus has not only limited to produce high source of sustainable protein but also manufacture under food safety standards, traceability and zero waste's concept.

Here's how .. 1. Whole insect utilization: Using the entire cricket in the manufacturing process, including the exoskeleton and other parts that are typically discarded, can significantly reduce waste. 2. Composting: Any waste generated during the manufacturing process, such as cricket excrement are turn into nutrient-rich fertilizer for plants 3. Local sourcing: Sourcing crickets from local farms reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supports local economies.

We believe and commit to create our world a better place. #protanica #protein #proteinpowder #foodforfuture #proteindiet #youarehero #edibleinsects #entovegan #cleanproteinpowder #cricketbites #コオロギ #コオロギチップス #食用昆虫 #コオロギタンパク質 #ผงโปรตีนจิ้งหรีด #zerowaste

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