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Cricket farm at Protanica

Cricket farm at protanica
Cricket farm at protanica

Elevate Your Cricket Nutrition with Protanica: Where Quality Meets Care!

At Protanica,

we take pride in revolutionizing cricket farming through our commitment to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Our enclosed cricket farm is not just a source of protein; it’s a sanctuary where every aspect of the cricket’s well-being is meticulously monitored and maintained.

GAP Certified Cricket Farming: Ensuring Quality Every Step of the Way

Our farm is proudly approved and certified for Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), guaranteeing that every cricket you receive is cultivated with the highest standards of quality and hygiene. From the environment they live in to the feed they consume, Protanica is dedicated to excellence.

Microorganism-Tested Cricket Feed: A Nutrient-Rich Diet

Our commitment to your satisfaction goes beyond mere certifications. We understand that the key to healthy crickets lies in their diet. That’s why we monitor and test our cricket feed rigorously. The feed, composed of rice bran, soybean, and cornmeal, is carefully balanced to provide a minimum of 21% protein, ensuring your crickets receive the optimal nutrition for their growth and development.

Water Quality Assurance: Keeping Hydration in Check

Just as our feed undergoes rigorous testing, so does our water. We believe in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene for our crickets. Clean and safe water is essential for their well-being, and we spare no effort in ensuring the water they consume is pure and free from contaminants.

Beyond Nutrition: Ensuring a Happy Cricket Life

At Protanica, we don’t just care about the nutritional needs of our crickets; we care about their happiness too. Our farm provides ample space for crickets to move freely, climb, and lay their eggs. The environment is thoughtfully designed, mimicking their natural habitat. Egg trays are strategically placed, offering hiding spots in the ground and opportunities to climb up and down. This thoughtful approach ensures not just the physical health but also the mental well-being of our crickets.

Choose Protanica for Quality, Care, and Sustainability

When you choose Protanica, you choose more than just cricket products – you choose a commitment to quality, care, and sustainable farming practices. Join us in redefining excellence in cricket farming. Your satisfaction is not just our goal; it’s our promise.

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