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9 amino acids we need for our hair growth and healthy skin

Amino acids are molecules that combine form proteins, when proteins are digested, amino acids are left behind. They have played a major role in developing healthy tissue in our muscles, bone, hair and skin. It is inevitably to say that amino acids are counted for 75% of our body and of course they are fundamental in protein development within our body.There are 20 amino acids present in our body, and nine of them are essential amino acids which cannot be produced by the human body - it must be obtained from food sources. If even one of them is deficiency, we will have a significant impact on our health. Powerful amino acids for our hair growth.

  • Cysteine: The external part of our hair is composed of a protein ‘Keratin’ which is made up of 18 amino acids, of which 25% is Cysteine. They are powerful in maintenance of our healthy and shine hair as well as regrowth and strengthening of hair.

  • Arginine: Amino acids like arginine can stimulate hair growth by creating a stronger passageway to get blood to the root.

  • Lysine: Act an important role to prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth.

  • Methionine: Help in slowing the greying of our hair and prevent hair loss’s problem.

  • Tyrosine: Produces melanin which can protect our hair from UV damage.

  • Glutamine: Being as sulphur for our hair growth.

  • Proline: Natural collagen for our shiny hair.

Amino acids are key for our moisturizing skin. Our skin can make us look younger or older than our actual age. A major determinant of our skin health is called natural moisturizing factor (NMF). Our skin also has a very thin outer membrane called the stratum corner which acts as a barrier to prevent moisture from escaping. NMF plays an important role in helping the stratum corneum retain moisture. When NMF is reduced, the ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture is impaired, and our skin becomes dry. Similarly to our hair, more than half of NMF in the stratum corner is made up of amino acids. The amino acids in our skin is responsible for its tightness, hydration and protection from oxidative stress. If certain amino acids is deficiency, they can lead to dryness, increase appearance of lines and wrinkles on our skin.

  • Lysine: Help in maintaining skin firmness

  • Threonine: Important role for collagen and elastin of healthy skin

  • Lucine: Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Arginine: Act as repairing our damaged skin

  • Histidine: Being as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

Not only aging or UV radiation can harm your skin, but also the sudden temperature changes when we moved between outdoors and indoors activities. This is caused by the moisture in the stratum corneum and the amount of amino acids in the external layer of our skin are simultaneously reduced. The natural way to obtain amino acids is by consuming a protein-rich diet. 1 gram of protein per kg of body weight is the recommended dietary allowance of proteins for a normal, healthy individual. It can vary with age, gender or special health conditions. Focus on getting the essential amino acids through your diet as they cannot be produced by your body to maintain our good health and normal functioning of our body.

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