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Protanica manufacturer is on a mission to produce the highest quality edible insect in the world.

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Social Responsibility

Protanica supports Thai agricultural communities via contract farming under Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) standards and by ensuring all producers are audited to the Protanica supplier standards.

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Manufacturer and Exporter
Protanica manufactures and exports premium cricket flour ,cricket in food from Acheta domesticus(HouseCrickets)  
to buyers around the world.

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Environmentally friendly

and sustainable 

Protanica cricket protein powder is both environmentally friendly and sustainable because cricket farms use far less land, water and feed than other proteins and while producing a fraction of the greenhouse gases.

Cricket Protein Powder has nearly limitless applications in replacing traditional sources of protein in the food supply chain.


Cricket protein powder consumes a fraction of the natural resources required by other proteins. 

We at Protanica have made it our mission to create a powder which provides a high protein, low fat, complete-amino acid, omega-3 providing protein at a reasonable price. Protanica cricket powder has a clean taste and smell.

Because of the impressive environmental benefits, versatility and the tremendous nutritional value of crickets, cricket powder is truly the sustainable food of the future.

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Protanica is determined to produce products that are both highly nutritious and environmentally friendly. Our focus is on research and development in order to supply the world with the highest quality of product.

Protanica is the FIRST cricket powder manufacturer in Thailand to be certified as GMP by the Department of Livestock Development. We also adhere to the standards of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) as well as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in order to maintain and further improve the quality of Protanica cricket protein powder.

Protanica emphasises quality, hygiene and safety, including making cricket protein powders with a fresh small and delicious taste. When adding Protanica cricket powder to your ingredient supply chain you enrich your product to be more nutritious, aromatic and delicious.


Cricket Protein Powder 

Whole dried cricket 

Dried insect product

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